Finding Colin Firth, a review…

If you want to read a book that makes you feel good and uplifted by the end, then this book is the one for you! The novel follows three women each with different problems and perspectives, however they share one thing in common… their love for Colin Firth.  I honestly did not want to put this book down and read well into the early hours of the morning because I was so hooked!

finding colin firth side view
View of the spine of the book.

The first character we are introduced to is Bea a young girl who is stuck in her job at a diner with an over bearing boss who will dock her pay if her burger aren’t exactly a foot tall. In the first few pages we discover that Bea’s mother passed away a year ago but a mysterious letter arrives for her. She discovers that the letter is written in her deceased mothers handwriting and the letter says that Bea was adopted and her parents (both dead) had never had the courage to tell her. The letter also came with legal documents from her adopted which instructs her on how to proceed should she want to contact the adoption agency.

After this Bea has internal struggles on her next move, with nothing holding her back from her current life she decides to locate her birth mother and travel there, with the little money that she has.

findingt colin firth front cover.jpg
What the front cover looks like.

The second main character that we are introduced to is Veronica, a master pie maker who makes elixir pies for just about anything! She lives in a small town and works as a waitress but also makes a small fortune selling her pies to the neighborhood. we later learn that Veronica is Bea’s birth mother and has tries to let go of the past after a troubled past and teenage pregnancy leading to a lot of shame and overbearing feelings that were hard to cope with.

first chapter finding colin firth.jpg
The beginning of each chapter features this illustration.

The third and final leading lady of this novel is Gemma, a recently fired reporter who is been pushed by her husband to leave New York and settled down with a family, be a stay at home mother and live next to his parents for the rest of her life. We discover that this already planned out lie does not appease Gemma, as she want nothing more to be a reporter and does not like the idea of bringing a child into this world due to how her own mother raised her.

pie recipe.jpg
The end of the book even has one of the pie recipe’s (excuse the mark on the book, it’s from the library).

The three meet in Boothbay Harbor where Gemma tells the heartbreaking story of both Bea and Veronica’s lives after the adoption through the local newspaper. Veronica and Bea build a relationship with a rocky start and everything progresses.

finding colin firth back view.jpg
The back of the book.

This novel is filled with feel good moments and makes you want to never put this book down. You feel an attachment to each of the women because of their individual narratives, but when they are drawn together you feel a beautiful connection between the three. With the driving force of heart throb Colin Firth, This book will make you smile to the very end.

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A Song Of Ice And Fire series, my favorite character…

I have recently started to read A Storm of Swords; Steel and Snow (the third book within the series of  A Song Of Ice And Fire, more commonly known as Game Of Thrones). The way that George R.R. Martin writes his character makes the reader feel genuine emotion. With one character you feel sorrow when they are gone and with other you wish for them to be killed.

Although I am only half way through the third book I have a strong attachment towards the character Arya Stark. She is always so cunning and manages to out wit all of her foes (or at least so far). She has such a strong sense of character development beginning with the little Lady of Winterfell who can out fight her brother Bran, to creating a revenge kill list and vowing to see it through to the end; reciting it every time before she sleeps. For a young girl George R.R. Martin has written her character to have a lot of fight, determination and courage, I am aware that there are other strong female characters within the series but non as young as Arya!

Arya Stark
Source: Game Of Thrones Wiki.

I think I have a fondness for Arya as the reader is allowed to see her weak side as well as her pure courage to return to her family and kill everyone that is has vowed to. Arya also is not bothered by her title and prefers to remain under alias’ such as Wease or Nan this is not only to protect herself while in hiding but so she will be treated like any other person and not like a Lady which she was not very fond of in the first book as I recall. I believe that Arya would make a brilliant queen for the iron throne and the Seven Kingdoms (maybe an unpopular opinion, I don’t know).

In summary Arya Stark is strong, confidant, witty and highly skilled for her age, so far she has managed to dodge death several times and already build up a frighting amount of kills. If younger audiences were able to read the books (if they weren’t so graphic) I’m such she would be their role model.


A short to read list…

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn:

Source: Penguin Books.

A fairy tale enthusiast Lottie starts at a new school, the last thing she expected was to share a room with a princess called Ellie. Due to a series of lies and circumstances Lottie ends up pretending to be the princess so Ellie can have a glimpse of a normal life.

Pirate women, the princesses, prostitues and privateers that ruled the seven seas by Laura Sook Duncombe.

Image result
Source: Amazon.

A book that tells that tales of the women that rules the seas both real and legendary. This book is the first ever seven seas history of female buccaneers. The stories vary from tales of ancient Norse princesses to savage pirates.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

Source: Goodreads.

Considered a technical fault to society Cinder is seen as a burden to her step-mother, But Cinder see’s the advantages to being a cyborg because of her powerful brain; Cinder is able to fix things… even her own malfunctioning parts. This ultimately makes the the best mechanic in Beijing which leads her to find her prince.

Wilde Like Me; a review…

I recently read the first novel by YouTuber Louise Pentland, Wilde Like Me. I had pre-ordered this book back in February but due to a busy schedule have only just read the book. I like the book because of the realness of the characters within the pages. You feel a warm fuzzy feeling while reading this book and you can genuinely relate to the characters mentioned within the pages.

wilde like me front cover.jpg
Front cover of Wilde like me.

The book is about single mum Robin Wilde and her miscellaneous adventures and battles through life. Robin is your typical down to earth character who (like most of us) admits to occasionally venturing outside (for her its to do the school run) in her pajamas’s simply because it will save time when she is back home and has no need to go back out for the day.

Robin, is a make-up artist assistant and loves to live creatively… but not as creative as her auntie Kath who crafts everything and give has even given Robins house an unwanted D.I.Y makeover from time to time by gluing lace in every possible place in Robin’s bedroom.

chapter 1 wilde like me
Wilde Like Me’s format is in the style of a diary.

Auntie Kath is the eccentric character who finds joy in making shell lamps and pressing flowers but she is also Robin’s rock and is always there to support robin and Lyla (Robin’s daughter) when they need it most. It is even remarked in the book that auntie Kath is like Robin’s mother as her own mother is shown to not care or seem to have any sentiment towards Robin.

Lyla, is a a fun little girl who always seems to say the funniest things around Robin’s boyfriend and the sweetest things to Robins herself. I recollect a chapter where Robin is having a confrontational moment with a Posh School Mum, Val (PSM as referred to in the book) and Sweet Lyla tries to rescue the moment by complimenting her mum in the most innocent of ways.

part 2 wilde like me.jpg
The book is sectioned into four parts.

I like this book as it has lots of strong female role models that younger girls can look up to but also the book has characters that you can recognize. For instance I drew connections with some of the character from within the book to the people I know in real life. This, I think is why I am so fond of this book because the characters genuinely seem real, no super powers, just the power of friendship and family that pull the novel together.

The only critique that I will share about this book is, for me at least, it feels like the novel relates a little too similarly to the authors own life. I have followed the author on YouTube for years and some of the things mentioned in the book tie very closely with her personal experience… just with a little difference written in. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, as I said before the book feels relatable and real which I enjoy.

about the athour wilde like me.jpg
Example of the detailed illustrations and about the author.

overall the book is full of laughs but also a few moments where you may feel a tear in you eye. an emotional roller coaster from the start filled to the brim with strong female characters to inspire the next generation!

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Goodnight PunPun, volume 1; a review…

The first thing that drew me to Read Goodnight PunPun was the story line of a normal boy depicted as a bird while everyone else is graphically shown as humans (aside from PunPun’s family).

goddnight punun front cover zoomed out.jpg
Front cover of Goodnight PunPun, volume 1.

The illustrations within this manga are very well drawn and cast more attention to the way that PunPun is depicted. the contrast of the very graphically characters compared to the doodle like PunPun adds a twist of comedy to the manga.

because i love you.jpg
comparison of how graphically drawn Akio is to the doodle like PunPun.

I wasn’t expecting this manga to be as oddly sinister as it turned out, in the first few pages PunPun’s first crush is seen forcing a fellow school friend to eat dirt in quite an aggressive manner.  The sinister story line continues throughout the manga as other events occur such as when PunPun and his friends find an ‘exotic’ movie on the street and the tape has been recorded over with a strange looking man admitting to killing his family and stashing their bodies in an abandoned factory.

Towards the beginning of the manga PunPun soon finds a new love interest in the seemingly innocent Akio which the reader soon finds out to be as dire as his last crush. While Akio is shown to reflect PunPun’s interest she uses this to her advantage; to threaten him and beat him once she has shown him affection.  Towards the end of the manga however it is revealed to the reader that this behavior is how Akio protects herself as she wishes to run away from her dysfunctional home life and start anew with school boy PunPun.

Example of how sinister looking the illustrations can be.

Along this narrative PunPun’s home life is far from a happy family his mother is seen to be in hospital for most of the story due to a ‘accident’ with PunPun’s father which later lead to a restraining order and PunPun’s uncle is shown to take over most of the parental duties. As PunPun’s uncle is shown as a 50/50 figure half not caring about his responsibilities and half shown struggling to furfill his duty and manage several things at once I am torn about this character.

Overall I enjoyed reading Godnight PunPun, volume 1 by Inio Asano but may not read the other volumes due to the manga not typically being the genre that I usually read and enjoy.

back of goodnightpunpun.jpg
Back cover of Goodnight PunPun, volume 1.

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An interesting first glance…

I was browsing the library the other day, while I was looking through the isles one particular book sparked my interest; Finding Colin Firth, A Novel written by Mia March.


What interests me is the joining of three stories through the connection of Colin Firth whether that be though the fandom in the novel, general fascination or the desire for a paternity test.


Needless to say that this book has been added to my ‘to read list’ mainly because I would like to know how the author brings all three of the stories together in order to connect the novel and make the story line seamless.

Getting to know Goodreads…

I have often turned to Goodreads for book recommendations and to look up the plot of a book that I do not know, however, I have never being a member of the website. Until now, I started a profile on Goodreads a couple of days ago. If you would like to see my profile on Goodreads and track what I am reading click here!

I started the profile mainly to enter the 2017 reading challenge. I have challenged myself this late in the year to read 23 books and have currently read 8, its going to be difficult to complete but I intend to try my best to complete the challenge, if not there’s always next year!

At first getting to know the basic format of the website was very unfamiliar and I had trouble navigating the website, especially to updates what books I had read this year; to update the reading challenge. But after a hour of tinkering and getting acquainted with the navigation process, I found the website easy to use.

I like the friends feature the most on the website; so anyone that you are connected with are able to see what they have read, their reviews and what they are currently reading as well. In my opinion that is one of their best features on the site. I also like how you are able to search for any book, manga or comic on the website as I previously found this tool useful before I was a member.

Overall I like the website and I can’t believe that i didn’t sign up sooner, it make tracking my personal progress much easier and I can also view what other people think of the books I am interested in reading.


History Is All You Left Me…

I have recently read History Is All You Left me written by Adam Silvera and published by Simon & Schuster in the UK. The book follows a 17 year old boy; Griffin and his grieving process over his first love Theo. At first glance the cover of the book is appealing and the colour scheme is calming; however reading the book makes you realize why the front cover looks like the ocean and its significance.

history is all you left me front cover

Overall I enjoyed reading the book, it was a genre that I enjoy and the story line was refreshing. I enjoyed reading about grieving about the love that was shared rather than a love story itself. Although the novel is primarily about the character Griffin I am the first to admit that even though he gives the novel substance; I don’t like him. I find Griffin to be self involved and extremely selfish when it come to other characters feelings in the book. In my opinion Griffin always puts his own emotions before other characters who are also grieving, believing himself to be the only one who deserves to have feelings over the deceased.

spine history is all you left me.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised by the structure of the book, skipping chapters from history to today; kind of like a very mixed up diary format. This structure allows the reader to re live the story that is being told while still catching up with what is happening in the present day.

history and today

I will defiantly be reading this book again due to the realness of the heartache you feel while reading about the ways the characters grieve over their friend, acquaintance, boyfriend or family member (depending on which character you are hearing about). The author; Adam Silvera really captures what its like to loose a loved one in this novel which makes you connect with a variety of feelings and past thoughts that you previously don’t associate with a book.

back of history is all you left me.jpg

Where to buy this book: 

August reads and a book club…

So as part of a promise made a few months ago me and a very close friend; Lynn, decided to form a book club and have monthly reads that we would decided and review together. You should all go check out her blog for her individual reviews on the books we will be reading and her life blogging posts! Both books that we have decided to read this month have been mentioned on my blog before, so you may recognize them.

So we have decided that our first reads will be The final girls by Riley Sager.

Image result for the final girls book

And for the manga of the month, Goodnight PunPun volume 1 by Inio Asano.




Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic books…

I decided to visit my local library to pick up some quick reads, I was surprised that my library had branched out to have a small comic book range.  I picked up Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I chose season 9, volumes 1 and 2.


After staring to read volume 1; which is called Freefall. I was drawn in initially by the style of comic cook but I must admit the story line also had me hooked. I love the different perspectives of the comic book and also the collage like humor that is written in through some of the characters.

Cover art of Freefall.

Freefall was primarily about the characters still adjusting to life without magic or the seed (which is the source of magic) with demons and other creatures stuck in this world unable to return back to their dimension and having to adjust by finding work. One scene in particular make me laugh, when a demon was hired to track down Buffy as she has outstanding student loans, something which some of us can see the relatable metaphor in; of a demon luring over us because of student loans that should be re-paid.

student loan.jpg

I already have a slight character attachment to Spike (Buffy’s vampire friend and love interest) as I like his personality and slight character development throughout the volume. After reading Freefall I couldn’t wait to read the second volume; On Your Own as the story finished on a slight cliffhanger of Buffy with a positive pregnancy test and my curiosity wanted to know what happened to both her and the possibility of a baby.

Cover art of On Your Own.

When I started to read volume 2; On Your Own I was not expecting a twist in the story. I was shocked to read that Buffy was not actually Buffy at all, but a robot version of Buffy with the real Buffy’s brain and memories; which also mean the pregnancy wasn’t real. The real Buffy was somewhere else, leading a somewhat normal life unaware of who she really was… that is until she was kidnapped by an angry slayer. On Your Own ended with the resolve of the real Buffy having her brain and memories restored, and her deciding to quit her job and leave for a while after Spike asking her to run away with him.

I will be on the search for the next volumes of this season as I am intrigued about the story lines twists and turns. I like the illustration style of the comic book as it’s classic yet not over drawn. I also like the how there are illustration development pages at the end of the books along with a mini comic following Spikes adventures on his bug infested space ship.

Illustration development page.