Reading In heels, first impressions…

After over a month since ordering my subscription box, my beautiful Reading In Heels delivery has come and it was worth the wait! The beautiful marbled box holds wonders that I didn’t even expect, as I did my research on previous boxes.

side of box.jpg

The only negative of this experience was the wait, I ordered this box on the 5th of November and after a couple of weeks I contacted the company only to be answered with the same answer the FAQ’s provided, which did not solve my issue. I do understand that this is a small company (which is the main reason that I was drawn to this service) and people in that company have many jobs to do rather than answer queries.


Now onto the box, the box has a beautiful marble appearance as I previously mentioned and can defiantly be used again for small storage solutions. This company have thought about the packaging, as when I opened the box the contents was all sealed in crisp white tissue paper and a geometric sticker.


inside the box I got the strong smell of cinnamon which to most people would be a pre-Christmas dream, but unfortunately cinnamon is not the most pleasant of smell for me. I soon discovered that the cinnamon smell was a large tea light candle, and I loved candles so much but that will be given a new loving home with someone who I know loves cinnamon as much as I dislike it.

items of the box.jpg
All what was included in the box; A book, a candle, a edible cocktail, a eye shadow duo, a face mask and a mirror.


The rest of the box I am ecstatic about I loved the idea of adding things that will compliment the book and I read the back of A Gentleman In Moscow and I think these are quite fitting!


I am really exited to use the face mask which was included although unlike unusual face mask, this one has to be kept on for 30 minutes! It will be a luxurious treat after a long day at work.  I am also very curious to try the edible cocktail as I am fond of cocktails and am exited about this new twist on a classic gin and tonic.


I think (aside from the book which I will review in later months) that the eye shadow is my favorite item in this box and will be using it today for a subtle defined look. The colours match my skin tone and colour of my eyes very well and it will be my new product for a warm defined look.

Overall I am pleasantly surprised with this box and would order from them again,  This box is great if you have difficulty picking books out yourself or if you want a treat every month, I highly recommend this subscription service, it’s fab!



Turtles All The Way Down, a review…

I have finally read the long awaited new book from John Green, Turtles All The Way down. I realize how late I am in reading this book but I have made time to fit some reading in each night.

front cover turtles all the way down.jpg
Front cover view.

upon first impressions I was so exited to read this book as John Green is my favorite Author ( with Will Grayson, Will Grayson being my favorite in his collection of novels). However, I did enjoy this book but I felt like something was missing in the novel to make it a true John Green read. I can’t quite pin down what what missing but I felt like the novel lacked his way of writing just the slightest bit.

spine turtles all the way down.jpg
Spine of the book.

The novel follows Aza, a girl with major anxiety which leads her to become terrible ill because of it. Aza’s anxiety is just one level to this lovely book, she also becomes enthroned into finding a missing billionaire whose son is a love interest in the story.

page 1 turtles all the way down.jpg
First page of the novel.

With her Star Wars obsessed best friend, Daisy, by her side to solve the mystery what could go wrong? A car crash caused by an argument because of fan-fiction that results in a major injury, that’s what. During the novel Daisy and Aza have their fair share of ups and downs in there equally dependable relationship, but all turns out well in the end.

slip cover turtles all the way down.jpg
Limited edition Slip of the book.

With a inherently very rich Turatura (which is a reptile that can live over 100 years), endless spirals, arguments, poems and a underlining mystery that grips you to the end this book is absolutely worth the read for any teen fiction enthusiast. I enjoyed reading about the character development of each character, I particularly enjoyed the fact that all the relationships written about in this book weren’t always smooth which is so realistic and relatable.

back turtles all the way down.jpg
Back of the book.

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They Both Die In The End, a review…

They Doth Die In The End by Adam Silvera is the second in his amazing growing collection of books, he has also written History Is All You Left Me.

front cover they both die in the end
Front Cover.

They Both Die In The end is a brilliant novel which alerts people the day that they are due to die, however, it doesn’t tell you the way you are going to die or at what time of the day. The idea is to prepare you for death and too prepare your loved ones and your funeral arrangements.

side view they both die in the end
side view.

This book follows two teenage boys Rufus and Mateo. Mateo is a 19 year old boy who is forever playing video games and is somewhat scared to go outside because of the consequential fears that lure outdoors. Rufus (whom, I am very fond of) has had a difficult past few months loosing his whole family, then being placed in a foster home called the pluto’s and then on the night of his death cast being caught beating up his ex girlfriends boyfriend.

part two they both die in the end.jpg
The book is sectioned in Four parts.

The two boys meet using the last friend app and decide to make their last day unforgettable, Making moments together and using Instagram as a way to make their memories everlasting to the loved ones that they will leave behind.

1st chapter they both die un the end.jpg
The book is separated by characters.

As if the story line wasn’t mind capturing enough, Mateo’s father in in a coma and isn’t sure to wake up and Rufus is running from the police and the boy he just beat from fear of being arrested on the day of his death or even worse, Killed by a gang who are on the wrong side of town.

back they both die in the end
Back of the novel.

With a hint of romance, a wonderful tale of friendship and the gripping story line of running from death this novel captures my attention from start to finish. The author is soon becoming a loved name in my collection of books and I will be sure to get any other novels That Adam Silvera is sure to publish in the future.

Where to buy this book:


Trying a reading subscription box…


I have always been curious to try a subscription box and thanks to an article by Buzzfeed I am finally going to take the plunge and try one to see if they really are worth the money.

I have chosen the Reading In Heels subscription box which is £12.40 each month with delivery. The website promises a book for a the modern women who like to read the latest contemporary fiction. I am unaware of the book I will get as I was not given any choice on my preferences and was taken straight to a payment option; this is both good and bad. Good because I will be excited to see what fictional book I will get and bad because there is no preference option so the book could be something I have already read or a genre I despise.


The box also promises 3-4 extra products which can be anything from a beauty product to a selection of tea; all meant to compliment the book you are reading that month. I am very apprehensive to see what they send for this as the company haven’t asked for my skin toned or colour preferences if it is a beauty product nor have they asked what my flavour preferences are should i get something to eat or drink.

I have only purchased one month as I am still uncertain about the idea of a wonderful subscription box each month. I will be sure to tell you my thoughts about the box upon its arrival!  So keep a look a out for a new post in the distant future.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here, a review…

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Partick Ness follows the tale of an average boy Mickey, with some issues because he always seems to get himself trapped in a loop of actions, like washing his hands over 120 times until he can get it right. The tale follows his teenage struggles through love, family, the murders of indie kids and mysterious blue lights.

spine the rest of us just live here.jpg
the spine of the book.

My favorite character in the book is Mickey’s best friend, Jared (first name Mercury) he is 1/4 of a cat god, gay and has a strong moral compass which makes him completely lovable. He is a character who should have fully being a indie kid but much like his 1/4 god gift, chose his own fate.

front cover the rest of us just live here.jpg
A preview of the front cover.

During the book when Jared is anywhere near a feline they seem to crowd around him and crave his company, follow his instructions and become completely besotted with him. In the book he even has a few mountain lions which he instantly recognizes. Towards the end of the book however, Jared makes a selfless sacrifice in order to help others.

There are other characters that I like, like Mickey’s sister, who is overcoming her battle with anorexia, while keeping the peace in the family and sharing looking after her kooky younger sister with Micky.

the rest of us just live here held.jpg
To show how vibrant the front cover really is.

I also like the structure of this book, the beginning of each chapter has what should be the major story of the indie kids and there adventures, this linking story drives the narrative of the characters we read more about in this book.

the rest of us just live here chapter
Example of the structure.

Overall this book is filled with heart warming stories that will make you personal relate to the characters (mysterious deaths aside) and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of Jared’s 1/4 cat god genes! This book is a good read for a commute because the story is easy to follow and the chapters are quite short. I really enjoyed reading this book and will be sure to re-read the novel at some point in the future.

back the rest of us just live here.jpg
The back of the book.


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Final Girls, a review…

Let me just start by saying wow! This book is 339 pages of suspense and intrigue. From the very start this book lures you in and captures your imagination with an innocent young girl running through the woods to escape her closest friends killer.

final girls spine
Final Girls spine of book

This book, written by Riley Sager, is amazing, having read it it’s no wonder that this book is an international best seller because it’s incredible. If you like horror, mystery, thrillers and intrigue then this book is a must read.

final girls book cover.jpg
Front cover of the book

When I first bought this book I must admit the reason that I bought it was because of the online hype but now I understand why, this is the best thriller book that I have read in years. It keeps you drawn in until the end with a unexpected plot twist that makes you rethink and change your perceptions of characters in the book more times than I can count.

final girls 1 chapter.jpg
The chapters headers are in a typewriter font.

The novel follows Quincy, a final girl, and her seemingly now normal life after escaping a mass murder at Pine Cottage with more than a few stab wounds to leave scars. Quincy is shocked to find out that a fellow girl has killed herself and the last of the three final girls shows up at her sleek apartment in search for the truth.  With twists and turns this book will capture your thoughts long after you have put it down. Even Stephen King likes this book which tells you a lot.

final girls back cover.jpg
Back of the cover with acclaim from Stephen King.

where to buy this book:

final girls black pages
The pages are edged Black.


Finding Colin Firth, a review…

If you want to read a book that makes you feel good and uplifted by the end, then this book is the one for you! The novel follows three women each with different problems and perspectives, however they share one thing in common… their love for Colin Firth.  I honestly did not want to put this book down and read well into the early hours of the morning because I was so hooked!

finding colin firth side view
View of the spine of the book.

The first character we are introduced to is Bea a young girl who is stuck in her job at a diner with an over bearing boss who will dock her pay if her burger aren’t exactly a foot tall. In the first few pages we discover that Bea’s mother passed away a year ago but a mysterious letter arrives for her. She discovers that the letter is written in her deceased mothers handwriting and the letter says that Bea was adopted and her parents (both dead) had never had the courage to tell her. The letter also came with legal documents from her adopted which instructs her on how to proceed should she want to contact the adoption agency.

After this Bea has internal struggles on her next move, with nothing holding her back from her current life she decides to locate her birth mother and travel there, with the little money that she has.

findingt colin firth front cover.jpg
What the front cover looks like.

The second main character that we are introduced to is Veronica, a master pie maker who makes elixir pies for just about anything! She lives in a small town and works as a waitress but also makes a small fortune selling her pies to the neighborhood. we later learn that Veronica is Bea’s birth mother and has tries to let go of the past after a troubled past and teenage pregnancy leading to a lot of shame and overbearing feelings that were hard to cope with.

first chapter finding colin firth.jpg
The beginning of each chapter features this illustration.

The third and final leading lady of this novel is Gemma, a recently fired reporter who is been pushed by her husband to leave New York and settled down with a family, be a stay at home mother and live next to his parents for the rest of her life. We discover that this already planned out lie does not appease Gemma, as she want nothing more to be a reporter and does not like the idea of bringing a child into this world due to how her own mother raised her.

pie recipe.jpg
The end of the book even has one of the pie recipe’s (excuse the mark on the book, it’s from the library).

The three meet in Boothbay Harbor where Gemma tells the heartbreaking story of both Bea and Veronica’s lives after the adoption through the local newspaper. Veronica and Bea build a relationship with a rocky start and everything progresses.

finding colin firth back view.jpg
The back of the book.

This novel is filled with feel good moments and makes you want to never put this book down. You feel an attachment to each of the women because of their individual narratives, but when they are drawn together you feel a beautiful connection between the three. With the driving force of heart throb Colin Firth, This book will make you smile to the very end.

Where to buy this book:


A Song Of Ice And Fire series, my favorite character…

I have recently started to read A Storm of Swords; Steel and Snow (the third book within the series of  A Song Of Ice And Fire, more commonly known as Game Of Thrones). The way that George R.R. Martin writes his character makes the reader feel genuine emotion. With one character you feel sorrow when they are gone and with other you wish for them to be killed.

Although I am only half way through the third book I have a strong attachment towards the character Arya Stark. She is always so cunning and manages to out wit all of her foes (or at least so far). She has such a strong sense of character development beginning with the little Lady of Winterfell who can out fight her brother Bran, to creating a revenge kill list and vowing to see it through to the end; reciting it every time before she sleeps. For a young girl George R.R. Martin has written her character to have a lot of fight, determination and courage, I am aware that there are other strong female characters within the series but non as young as Arya!

Arya Stark
Source: Game Of Thrones Wiki.

I think I have a fondness for Arya as the reader is allowed to see her weak side as well as her pure courage to return to her family and kill everyone that is has vowed to. Arya also is not bothered by her title and prefers to remain under alias’ such as Wease or Nan this is not only to protect herself while in hiding but so she will be treated like any other person and not like a Lady which she was not very fond of in the first book as I recall. I believe that Arya would make a brilliant queen for the iron throne and the Seven Kingdoms (maybe an unpopular opinion, I don’t know).

In summary Arya Stark is strong, confidant, witty and highly skilled for her age, so far she has managed to dodge death several times and already build up a frighting amount of kills. If younger audiences were able to read the books (if they weren’t so graphic) I’m such she would be their role model.


A short to read list…

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn:

Source: Penguin Books.

A fairy tale enthusiast Lottie starts at a new school, the last thing she expected was to share a room with a princess called Ellie. Due to a series of lies and circumstances Lottie ends up pretending to be the princess so Ellie can have a glimpse of a normal life.

Pirate women, the princesses, prostitues and privateers that ruled the seven seas by Laura Sook Duncombe.

Image result
Source: Amazon.

A book that tells that tales of the women that rules the seas both real and legendary. This book is the first ever seven seas history of female buccaneers. The stories vary from tales of ancient Norse princesses to savage pirates.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

Source: Goodreads.

Considered a technical fault to society Cinder is seen as a burden to her step-mother, But Cinder see’s the advantages to being a cyborg because of her powerful brain; Cinder is able to fix things… even her own malfunctioning parts. This ultimately makes the the best mechanic in Beijing which leads her to find her prince.

Wilde Like Me; a review…

I recently read the first novel by YouTuber Louise Pentland, Wilde Like Me. I had pre-ordered this book back in February but due to a busy schedule have only just read the book. I like the book because of the realness of the characters within the pages. You feel a warm fuzzy feeling while reading this book and you can genuinely relate to the characters mentioned within the pages.

wilde like me front cover.jpg
Front cover of Wilde like me.

The book is about single mum Robin Wilde and her miscellaneous adventures and battles through life. Robin is your typical down to earth character who (like most of us) admits to occasionally venturing outside (for her its to do the school run) in her pajamas’s simply because it will save time when she is back home and has no need to go back out for the day.

Robin, is a make-up artist assistant and loves to live creatively… but not as creative as her auntie Kath who crafts everything and give has even given Robins house an unwanted D.I.Y makeover from time to time by gluing lace in every possible place in Robin’s bedroom.

chapter 1 wilde like me
Wilde Like Me’s format is in the style of a diary.

Auntie Kath is the eccentric character who finds joy in making shell lamps and pressing flowers but she is also Robin’s rock and is always there to support robin and Lyla (Robin’s daughter) when they need it most. It is even remarked in the book that auntie Kath is like Robin’s mother as her own mother is shown to not care or seem to have any sentiment towards Robin.

Lyla, is a a fun little girl who always seems to say the funniest things around Robin’s boyfriend and the sweetest things to Robins herself. I recollect a chapter where Robin is having a confrontational moment with a Posh School Mum, Val (PSM as referred to in the book) and Sweet Lyla tries to rescue the moment by complimenting her mum in the most innocent of ways.

part 2 wilde like me.jpg
The book is sectioned into four parts.

I like this book as it has lots of strong female role models that younger girls can look up to but also the book has characters that you can recognize. For instance I drew connections with some of the character from within the book to the people I know in real life. This, I think is why I am so fond of this book because the characters genuinely seem real, no super powers, just the power of friendship and family that pull the novel together.

The only critique that I will share about this book is, for me at least, it feels like the novel relates a little too similarly to the authors own life. I have followed the author on YouTube for years and some of the things mentioned in the book tie very closely with her personal experience… just with a little difference written in. This is not necessarily a bad thing however, as I said before the book feels relatable and real which I enjoy.

about the athour wilde like me.jpg
Example of the detailed illustrations and about the author.

overall the book is full of laughs but also a few moments where you may feel a tear in you eye. an emotional roller coaster from the start filled to the brim with strong female characters to inspire the next generation!

where to buy this book: