Getting to know Goodreads…

I have often turned to Goodreads for book recommendations and to look up the plot of a book that I do not know, however, I have never being a member of the website. Until now, I started a profile on Goodreads a couple of days ago. If you would like to see my profile on Goodreads and track what I am reading click here!

I started the profile mainly to enter the 2017 reading challenge. I have challenged myself this late in the year to read 23 books and have currently read 8, its going to be difficult to complete but I intend to try my best to complete the challenge, if not there’s always next year!

At first getting to know the basic format of the website was very unfamiliar and I had trouble navigating the website, especially to updates what books I had read this year; to update the reading challenge. But after a hour of tinkering and getting acquainted with the navigation process, I found the website easy to use.

I like the friends feature the most on the website; so anyone that you are connected with are able to see what they have read, their reviews and what they are currently reading as well. In my opinion that is one of their best features on the site. I also like how you are able to search for any book, manga or comic on the website as I previously found this tool useful before I was a member.

Overall I like the website and I can’t believe that i didn’t sign up sooner, it make tracking my personal progress much easier and I can also view what other people think of the books I am interested in reading.


History Is All You Left Me…

I have recently read History Is All You Left me written by Adam Silvera and published by Simon & Schuster in the UK. The book follows a 17 year old boy; Griffin and his grieving process over his first love Theo. At first glance the cover of the book is appealing and the colour scheme is calming; however reading the book makes you realize why the front cover looks like the ocean and its significance.

history is all you left me front cover

Overall I enjoyed reading the book, it was a genre that I enjoy and the story line was refreshing. I enjoyed reading about grieving about the love that was shared rather than a love story itself. Although the novel is primarily about the character Griffin I am the first to admit that even though he gives the novel substance; I don’t like him. I find Griffin to be self involved and extremely selfish when it come to other characters feelings in the book. In my opinion Griffin always puts his own emotions before other characters who are also grieving, believing himself to be the only one who deserves to have feelings over the deceased.

spine history is all you left me.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised by the structure of the book, skipping chapters from history to today; kind of like a very mixed up diary format. This structure allows the reader to re live the story that is being told while still catching up with what is happening in the present day.

history and today

I will defiantly be reading this book again due to the realness of the heartache you feel while reading about the ways the characters grieve over their friend, acquaintance, boyfriend or family member (depending on which character you are hearing about). The author; Adam Silvera really captures what its like to loose a loved one in this novel which makes you connect with a variety of feelings and past thoughts that you previously don’t associate with a book.

back of history is all you left me.jpg

Where to buy this book: 

August reads and a book club…

So as part of a promise made a few months ago me and a very close friend; Lynn, decided to form a book club and have monthly reads that we would decided and review together. You should all go check out her blog for her individual reviews on the books we will be reading and her life blogging posts! Both books that we have decided to read this month have been mentioned on my blog before, so you may recognize them.

So we have decided that our first reads will be The final girls by Riley Sager.

Image result for the final girls book

And for the manga of the month, Goodnight PunPun volume 1 by Inio Asano.




Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic books…

I decided to visit my local library to pick up some quick reads, I was surprised that my library had branched out to have a small comic book range.  I picked up Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I chose season 9, volumes 1 and 2.


After staring to read volume 1; which is called Freefall. I was drawn in initially by the style of comic cook but I must admit the story line also had me hooked. I love the different perspectives of the comic book and also the collage like humor that is written in through some of the characters.

Cover art of Freefall.

Freefall was primarily about the characters still adjusting to life without magic or the seed (which is the source of magic) with demons and other creatures stuck in this world unable to return back to their dimension and having to adjust by finding work. One scene in particular make me laugh, when a demon was hired to track down Buffy as she has outstanding student loans, something which some of us can see the relatable metaphor in; of a demon luring over us because of student loans that should be re-paid.

student loan.jpg

I already have a slight character attachment to Spike (Buffy’s vampire friend and love interest) as I like his personality and slight character development throughout the volume. After reading Freefall I couldn’t wait to read the second volume; On Your Own as the story finished on a slight cliffhanger of Buffy with a positive pregnancy test and my curiosity wanted to know what happened to both her and the possibility of a baby.

Cover art of On Your Own.

When I started to read volume 2; On Your Own I was not expecting a twist in the story. I was shocked to read that Buffy was not actually Buffy at all, but a robot version of Buffy with the real Buffy’s brain and memories; which also mean the pregnancy wasn’t real. The real Buffy was somewhere else, leading a somewhat normal life unaware of who she really was… that is until she was kidnapped by an angry slayer. On Your Own ended with the resolve of the real Buffy having her brain and memories restored, and her deciding to quit her job and leave for a while after Spike asking her to run away with him.

I will be on the search for the next volumes of this season as I am intrigued about the story lines twists and turns. I like the illustration style of the comic book as it’s classic yet not over drawn. I also like the how there are illustration development pages at the end of the books along with a mini comic following Spikes adventures on his bug infested space ship.

Illustration development page.

A little book oriented DIY…

For a while now I have been using the underneath of my bed as storage for my books which comes with a set of problems, like when its the middle of the night and I want to read I can’t select a book without making a ruckus and waking people up.

So to fix this; I acquired an old unloved bookcase that I knew I could makeover to fit my decor and give it a new loving home.

How I received the bookcase

To do this I started by sanding down the whole bookcase by hand as it had previously been lacquered which could not be painted over. This took quite a bit of time as the lacquer was very difficult to sand off, but after two days of sanding it was ready to be painted.

The painting process was very easy and actually a good stress relief, It took four days to paint the bookcase due to waiting for the separate coats of paint to dry before applying another.

A revived, almost full bookcase.

I’m quite proud of the end results as its my first big DIY and I did it all by hand, there are some pictures featured of the bookcase that I have given a new life in my room… The only problem now is I will soon need a bigger bookcase as this one is almost full.

Let me know what you think?

After my DIY, housing all of my books.

Torn about my next decision…

As I have said in the past, I would really like to start to read a comic book series and I am even considering a manga series as this has always interested me.

However, I want to focus on a singular one, I would like to choose between the comic book Saga as the story line really interests me and I love the illustration style of the comic book.

Saga, Vol. 5 TP

Or the manga series Oyasumi Punpun which is about the life of a normal girl however she is depicted as a bird, I feel like this would be the perfect manga for me to be introduced into a new genre to what I am use to reading as I would like to change the style that I am use to reading. I would love if you would be able to guide me in the right direction with this decision.

Oyasumi Punpun

It’s not all about books…

After getting a few recommendations, here is an update on the comics that I would like to read;

Monstress; written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda.

source: Goodreads

The comic series features magical creatures which can pass for looking human, the main character in this series, Maika, is half wolf and is determined to find out what happen to her mother before she died. The comic shows how the characters have to deal with dehumanization and build their inner strength to cope as well as the the powerful relationship of friendship.

Paper Girls; written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang.

Paper Girls #1
Source: Image Comics

The comic follows the narrative of news paper delivery girls, while out on delivery in the early hours the town is struck by a mysterious invasion from the future.

Saga;  written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples.

Saga: Book Two Deluxe HC
Source: Image Comics

A comic book series influenced heavily by Star Wars depicts two lovers from different races coping with pressures of the galaxy and the struggles they face while trying to care for their daughter; who occasionally also narrates the series.

Ms Marvel; published by Marvel comics.

Image result for ms marvel comic synopsis
Source: Marvel comics

This is the first Marvel comic to feature a Muslim character as the leading character of their comic, the comic follows a teenager who discovers she has inhuman genes and assumes the mantle of Ms Marvel.

The Wicked + The Divine; written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Jamie McKelvie.

The Wicked + The Divine #30
Source; Image Comics

A comic noted for its diverse portrayal of ethnicity, sexuality and gender social roles. This comic is influenced by pop music and follows a girl who comes into contact with 12 deities who are able to grant fame and supernatural powers, with rumors that they will die within two years, all part of a cycle called the recurrence.



While on my travels…

I forgot to mention that I got to visit The Fault In Our Stars Bench in the lovely Amsterdam, on the three year anniversary of the film being released, which to me is pretty damn special. Yes, I know that this is more tied to the film rather than the book, but anyone who watches the Vlogbrothers will know that Johns Brother, Hank, did a video about the bench itself.

But in my opinion the bench itself has significance as it’s ties to both the book and movie making the visit all the more meaningful for the lovers of the story, which lets be honest, a novel would lack volume if it didn’t have a story.


Here is me trying to not be as awkward as humanly possible while trying to get an artsy shot on the bench. As you can see I’m not made for photos, but I had to give this one a try for my pure love of the book.

To many locals and travelers alike this is just a bench which people would place padlocks, but to me this bench is the physical embodiment of the wonderful story line created by a fabulous author that managed to win the affection of thousands of people across the globe, me included, and that to me; is incredible.

Also because being socially out of place is my specialty, here is a bonus shot of myself looking like a kook; enjoy.



This is not a John Green fan page, I swear, I will be posting about other authors, books, comics and things soon!

John Green, turtles and new book thoughts…

As most of you are aware, I am a avid fan of John Green and his work. So with the announcement today that he has written a new book; Turtles All The Way Down, which is now available for pre-order today, I was ecstatic. The release date of the new book is the 10th of October this year.

Image result for turtles all the way down book

On reading the first synopsis of the first book that John Green will have published in five years I was greeted with the lovable familiar John Green book format and recognizable story line style (anyone who has read 2 or more of his books will understand what I am talking about here). I was also pleased to read that his new novel will involve a mystery to solve, but more over, I am happy to be informed that the main character has a mental illness which will add to the story line and create a sadly realistic element to her character development.

It’s fair to say that I will now count down the days until I am able to hold this new miracle in my hands and read his most recent work, which I have been patiently been waiting for.

Watch his announcement video here (with all of the relevant details on the book and how to pre-order from different countries). New Book Announcement 

Pre-order in the UK here (click to be taken to link below):

Comic books for something new…

I have recently become fond of the concept of comic books, however, I find myself thrown into a see of unknown material with little knowledge on how to navigate. What I mean to say is I have a interest in 2 comic books which I would like to read, but I would also like recommendations on different styles of comic books as I am not familiar with all of the genres that comics have to offer.

The comics that I am expressing interest in at this moment are; Archie, by Jumbo Comics and Archie Comics, which inspired the Nextflix sensation; Riverdale. I have to admit, it was Riverdale that made me interested in reading the comics and looking at how the characters were originally perceived to how they were changed to suit the stanadards of American Beauty and the high standards of Glamour within Television and film industry.


The next comic yet again inspired a Netflix show; IZombie. The comic is published by Vertigo and is released monthly. Once again the popular TV show inspired me want to read the comics, as I hope I can read more into the backstories of certain characters and observe the character development (which as a novel reader, I really enjoy).